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How Did You Spend Your Extra Second?

Old news unless you didn't know this past year was a second longer. I copied the feed of info off of hotlinked in the title to save you trouble. I spent the last Extra second asleep, sick, in the recliner. How did you spend yours?

An extra second will be added to 2005 to make up for the slowing down of the Earth's rotation. Scientists announced the addition July 5.
The once-common "leap second" is the first in seven years and reflects the unpredictable nature of the planet's behavior.
The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service in Paris keeps track of time by measuring the Earth's rotation, which varies, and by an atomic clock, which is unwavering. When a difference in the two clocks shows up, the IERS adds or subtracts a second to the year.
PreviousLeap Seconds

For the first time since 1998, the IERS will sneak in an extra second this year to get time back in synch, officials said in a statement Monday.
On Dec. 31, the clock will read like this as it leads into Jan. 1, 2006:
23h 59m 59s ... 23h 59m 60s ... 00h 00m 00s. Normally, the seconds would roll from 59 directly to 00.
Always on time
"As the Earth is slowing down compared to atomic clock time, noon is going to come a little later. Earth rotation time is falling behind atomic clock time," said Tom O'Brian, Chief of the Time and Frequency Division at the U.S. National Institution of Standards and Technology. "Periodically people have to add time to atomic clock time. When those two times are approaching about a second difference, we add a leap second."


Word For Blogger

If you are tired of using the Blogger Word Processor you now have another option.

I always have used Word to type my blogs but then would have to cut and paste them over into blogger and then make my post, not fun. I just this morning found a plug-in issued by blogger that lets you post directly from Word, save drafts until you get to your next Hot Spot, and even open old posts to edit them. It is about a 5 second download, 1 click past the lawyer stuff and you are done. It takes a very small amount of real-estate on your open Word document and can be taken out of the tool bar all together.


Picture of the Mollar Sky Car

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The M400 Mollar Sky Car

Mollar International has announced that it will begin “un-tethered” flight tests of the M400 Sky Car as soon as they have a second one near completion. This will happen over a lake made just for the testing at the “Milk Farm Development” I do not know if I am very excited or very nervous to see this come to be. Check out the website at and watch the test video, it’s really interesting.

In related news, this past spring, NASA announced that they have developed their “Highway in the Sky” project to work with all personal flying transportation. Developed originally for commercial air traffic control it was put in place just in time for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. They now say that it will be able to control your M400 which means much less worries on mid-air collisions. You can read about it at the NASA site or watch the video 60 Minutes at

Also on the same subject check out the Carter Copter video and their website

Imagine the possibilities



Final UPDATE TO POST, Now public, with a very easy fix

I have been playing around a little with Protopage now and have my page up now in the beginning stage. I am using it right now as a Tech RSS Feed Tool and have posted my favorite holidays for January like the 28th, Natoinal Kazoo Day, but it can do so much more. I really recommend at least checking it out and playing around with it, after all it is free. I plan to do much more with it when time comes available. Also, I had a problem of making this a "public page", I emailed Protopage and they had a very simple fix. AJAX is very cool. I will post more about the inner workings of this as I have time but if you need help now just email me of post a comment.



Christmas Wishes

I hope every one has a Great Christmas and receives all of the tech toys they asked from Santa. For everyone that has looked at this site in its very beginning, I thank you sooooo very much. I promise it will continue to improve. And for the few techs that believe in me and what I am really trying to do, A forever, and that still does not do it justice, THANKS. I will do my best to keep my weird thoughts interesting to all. Thanks again, Keetz


Polikeetz Protopage Now Under Construction

I am trying out the UK protopage and hoping I can use this side by side with my blog. There is not much here yet but from what I have seen so far it is super easy to use and organize. This is a "into my second hour now" review. Inside the Net, a mini podcast off of TWiT, turned me to it and so far it is really nice for the basic user.


Polikeetz Page


A great source for Web 2.0 interests, Check it out. They have a huge list of great new service out on the Web and a couple like Omnidrive that you can sign up for the beta release of it and see what it is before the rest of the public gets their greedy little meat hooks on it.




The Big Three? On One Box? Consider the Possibilities... The triple boot system

With the latest, or a couple months ago, Apple announcing that they are going to the Pentium processor, will this make a TRIPLE BOOT SYSTEM possible? Would it now be possible to have Microsoft, Linux, and now Apple on one home system? Everything that I know and the other people in the industry I have spoken with say yes. This brings me to the waiting release of Vista and will Microsoft try to do something to prevent this? Or will Jobs try the same? Or is it really that big of a threat? I would guess that a Microsoft or Apple warranty will soon have a clause that states if the other one is detected on the system that it is void. This is all just a guess and straight out of my strange head. If you know more about this subject PLEASE COMMENT and let me know. Also I have not found any articles on the subject, if you know of one please send me the link.

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